APTERRA – custom survival map for Minecraft


Hello, fellow minecrafters!

I present to you my latest creation – Apterra.

Apterra is a huge map designed for survival gameplay, or a server, just like a deafult minecraft map.

Even though there are much more structures in this world, none are made of any precious material

(well, maybe except for the nether quartz, which simulates marble, so you can build fancy house and do not need to go to hell for it 🙂 )

You can choose your gamemode in-game at start (survival, adventure and creative), and then one of four different starting locations

(selecting a location will automaticly set the spawnpoint to that location). selecting “creative” will transport you to the center of the map and set your spawnpoint there.

You will find everything you need in the map, there is plenty of stuff everywhere. when in doubt, find a road and follow it.

You may need a faster computer for this map (if “AMPLIFIED” (v.1.7 option) runs smoothly, you will be ok)

Size: 6 square kilometers (land only)

Map is aproximately 5200×4400 blocks

compatibility: mc version 1.7 and higher




(wait for 5 secs and then click “skip ad” in upper right corner)



realistic terrain, all different biomes…

mnt22 mnt1 jun5 jun4 jun3 jun2 pano 2 pano 3 pano1 sw des4 des3 des2 des1mus1 mus2

ruins and vast underground caves…

in wat2jun1 vol

vilages and cities…

city vilage

and, of course, flying isles 🙂


all important technicalities (spoilers):



-default sea level (62)

-mountains up to level 255

– surroundings: ocean

-new blocks (v.1.7)


-all types present, including new v. 1.7 biomes

-varying size

-noisy borders

-realistic placing


-all default resources present

-default density (may vary)

-thick layer of coal few meters below sea level

-iron generated at all heights

-lapis generated up to sea level

-emerald present in all biomes

-sandstone, white/red stained clay, and quartz block generated underground in some areas (size, height and density varying)

-resources are rarely exposed


-worldpainter chasms and caverns in some areas

-many custom cave systems accessible from the surface (standard cave (horizontal, vertical), ice cave, volcanic cave, jungle cave, underground river, huge caverns…)

-lava at layer 8


-custom .bo2 trees (some made by lentebriesje (http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/native-trees-of-europe-template-repository-1779952/) – leaves may be set to “not decay” on huge oaks or pines

-“acacia” and “dark oak” (v.1.7) are present

-all v.1.7 new plants are present (2 block high plants are rare, but present at spawn locations, you can grow or multiply them using bonemeal


-animals can be found in larger groups further from each other

-all types are present



-custom NPC vilages and cities

-custom dungeons

-mines, bridges, ruins, quarries…

-default structures disabled


-Nether: default

-End: default, there is one portal in the map, throwing an eye won‘t lead you to it, but it is easy to find

non-craftable items

-can be found as treasures, but are rare


1. download http://adf.ly/a19kc
2. unzip
3. copy folder “APTERRA” to your minecraft saves directory
Windows: hit the Windows button + R and type: %appdata%/.minecraft/saves/
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/
4. start Minecraft
5. start singleplayer and load APTERRA
6. enjoy


WorldPainter: http://www.worldpainter.net/

Minecraft Editor: http://www.axialmedia.com/ProductsMenu/Minecraft.aspx

MCEdit: http://www.mcedit.net/

Custom tree repository: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/native-trees-of-europe-template-repository-1779952/

BDcraft texture pack http://bdcraft.net/

terms of use:

you can use the map on your server or use it for your projects, just make sure you give me proper credit

dowload link http://adf.ly/a19kc